Thursday, February 4, 2010

new website!

just realized that some of you might be coming here, when there's a bigger and better site for amber fischer photography just a click away! ( :

see you over there!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

valentine's photo booth Q&A

it's only a week away!

i'm here to answer a few questions about the valentine's photo booth . . .
  • 5-10 photos on a CD (so you can print/share/enlarge at your convenience)
  • a printed photo strip of 5 of the images
  • nope! it's $25 for 5-10 images... it's your choice who is in the photos. so, for instance, you could have a couple photos of your daughter, a couple photos of your son, a couple photos of them together, and a couple photos of the whole family. totally up to you!
  • oh yes, my friends. it's been done before:

  • no, it's not a photo booth like the kind you see in the mall or a carnival. it's actually a solid backdrop. and yes, i will be taking the pictures. however, the photos have a photo booth look, thus the event name. ( :
  • no (simply not enough time!) . . . but i would be happy to post a tutorial if enough people are interested. leave a comment if you want to learn how!
finally, if you have any other questions about the valentine's photo booth that i haven't answered here, please leave a comment or shoot me an email (

happy happy saturday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

the many [beautiful] faces of kb: senior photo shoot

i'm trying to get caught up on all the photo shoots that i haven't posted from last fall... and what a great shoot to start with!

this is kb:

she has one of the warmest, most contagious smiles of anyone i know.

and she has hair that i envy.

this was definitely a fun job for me. kb's sister came along and provided us with some great comedy routines (Babushka). i'm not sure i've ever laughed more during a photo shoot!

kb, you're a doll. i can see why meg loves hanging out with you so much.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh MY!

one of my favorite props for the valentine's photo booth is the blank speech/thought bubble! imagine the possibilities...

so, what do YOU think this casanova is saying???

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

kids + january temps = quick outdoor photo shoot!

you know it's time to go inside when they're whimpering and not even the bribe of candy can get them to smile. i'm pretty sure these kids are going to run screaming if they ever see me again.

luckily, we found a great "inside" spot right around the block. it was:

a) warm
b) run by a cool guy who let us overtake the place
c) full of steamy cups of hot chocolate with whipped cream

so, next time you're in nyssa, oregon, go here:

'cause this guy makes a mean white chocolate mocha:

and he's super cool.
[thank you, thunderegg coffee co!]

Monday, January 25, 2010

i think even my camera was smiling [sneak peek]

there's just so much cuteness here:

and so much love here:

what a fun way to start the week!

karli jo: sneak peek

pregnant chick laying on the sidewalk, kickin' her feet up on a tattoo parlor's bench? totally normal.

[well, it's normal when you're with amber fischer and her crazy camera!]

Friday, January 22, 2010

and the winner is . . .

Tucker Family said...

Hey Amber! I love your pictures! Wish you lived closer to us!! Oh and I am a fan on FB.

♥, Michele

congratulations, michele!!!! woot-woot!!

i will stick your darling "happy valentine's day" sign (from simply chic boutique) in the mail asap! ( :

and michele, i wish i lived closer to you, also. wait, no... i wish YOU lived closer to ME! well, regardless, one of these days we'll figure out a way to connect and get some photos of you and your cute family. ♥


on another note, can we all just give a collective "awwwwwww...!" for the sweetness/cuteness/playfulness of the couple in the photo booth? there may be some misconceptions that the valentine's photo booth is only for children. i'm here to dispel that myth and tell you that the photo booth is non-discriminatory.

so, ladies, start being extra-sweet to your man and dropping hints about how you'd just love to have a photo booth strip . . . and how it would take five little minutes . . . and would totally, absolutely make your day, your week, your month . . . and how this would be his solution for what to get you for valentine's day (can you see how this might appeal to him???) . . . and how, "look - that guy did it! what a sweet husband." . . . and i guarantee that if you can get him to the valentine's photo booth [saturday, february 6th at simply chic in downtown ontario] i will do everything in my power to make sure that he has a good time and that you end up with some fun, unique photos!


one last thing - my site is going to be under some construction this weekend, so don't be alarmed if you stop by and it's not there or it looks funky. i'll be back, baby.

happy, happy weekending!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

step back, edward [the a family sneak peek]

during our photo shoot, i just HAD to ask - "has anybody ever told you that you look like edward from twilight?" (this question elicited an eye roll and a chuckle.) unfortunately, mr. a thinks that edward is [dare i say it???] ugly. i had to patiently explain to him that thousands... no, MILLIONS of ladies find edward to be smolderingly gorgeous. (yes, i know i just made up the word "smolderingly," but i think it works.) i just thought of how ironic that is: millions of women think a FICTIONAL CHARACTER is hot. well, ladies, here is the REAL THING. but, alas, he's taken - by his very own beautiful bella.

[did i mention these are the parents of this little beauty?]


this is the last day to enter the giveaway! leave a comment here, become a fb fan, twitter follower, or blog-it-up! winner will be announced tomorrow morning! ( :

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

want-to-know wednesday

for those of you living outside of the treasure valley - well, i feel for you. you're missing out. if you ever come visit ontario, oregon, stop at jolts & juice and order a half-skim milky way... or white chocolate mocha... or toasted marshmallow hot chocolate... or, if you're in the smoothie-mood, get a SPUNKY MONKEY. trust me.


what's your favorite coffee/smoothie shop beverage??
[do you notice how i'm helping you with your giveaway entries? only two more day!]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

because i can't resist

recognize this onesie???

and don't forget that the giveaway is still going on! you have until friday to comment, blog, become a FB fan or twitter follower and enter to win this valentine's happiness!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

fill in the blank!

"my favorite thing about valentine's day is _______________________"

[the giveaway continues until friday!]

Saturday, January 16, 2010

don't look at this . . . [baby b sneak peek]

. . . unless you're pregnant, going to be pregnant soon, or have a squishy, cuddly baby somewhere nearby.

cause i guarantee you're gonna want one:

[p.s. don't forget that the giveaway is still going on... leave a comment to enter!]

Friday, January 15, 2010

givin' [away] a little love!

have you heard that on february 6th there will be a valentine's photo booth at simply chic in downtown ontario? no??? well, i better fill you in. there's gonna be a valentine's photo booth at simply chic in downtown ontario on february 6th. and it's gonna be FUN!

for those of you who haven't been to simply chic boutique, you're in for a treat. this shop is filled with darling home decor items and vinyl lettering galore! it seems every time i visit there are new things to drool over and i have to seriously restrain myself from purchasing, well, everything. and guess what sort of items are popping up right about now?? that's right... VALENTINE'S DAY GOODIES! oooooooooohh! i just [love] valentine's decorations, don't you?!? they just make me smile and get all fluttery-in-the-tummy when i look at them.

so, in the name of valentine's day and love and giveaways, i'm givin' away a little love with a (what else??) GIVEAWAY!! this is a cute 10x13in wooden sign with vinyl lettering from the lovely simply chic boutique.

here are the giveaway entry guidelines:
  • leave a comment (only one per day per person, please) = 1 entry
  • become a facebook fan = 2 entries
  • follow me on twitter = 2 entries
  • list my site on your blogroll = 5 entries
  • post about my giveaway on your blog = 10 entries
make sure to include in your comment if you've become a facebook fan, twitter follower, or added my site or giveaway to your blog so i can give you the appropriate number of entries. also, please note that if you are ALREADY a fan, follower or blogger, you need to leave a comment telling me that you want to be entered into the giveaway.

one last thing to note - if you are an "anonymous" commenter (meaning you don't have a blogger profile), please leave your name in the comment so i know who to announce should you win.

the winner of the giveaway will be announced on friday, january 22nd (one week from today) and, should you win, i will need you to email me your address so i can stick this goodie in the mail for you!



this little lady was lucky enough to find a WHOLE DOLLAR laying on the ground when we were tromping around payette taking pictures. not a penny. not even a quarter. a DOLLAH!

she was thrilled.

well, today i am just as thrilled (maybe even more so) because i WON this lovely, fabulous shirt from dear lillie!!! thank you dear lillie!

it's my lucky lucky day!

p.s. if any of you would like to rub my foot for luck, i would be more than happy to oblige. (heck, rub the other foot while you're at it.)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

once upon a time...

...there was this boy and there was this girl. they were very much in love. they wanted to share that love with a baby. after years of waiting and praying, they were blessed with not one . . . not two . . . but three little miracles.

there is a lot of love in this family.

on another note, this shoot was by far one of the most difficult simply because we were in the middle of a summer STORM. i kid you not. it was thunder and lightning and as dark as night! but it was one of those times when it was now or never- rescheduling wasn't an option, because the extended family was only in town for that day. but we just worked with what we had and made the best of it. and luckily for us, the triplets were AMAZING and totally rolled with what we were doing. ( :

i also have to give a shout-out to my right-hand gal karli who came with me and made countless funny faces, funny voices and funny poses to entertain (and grab the attention of) the triplets. love ya karli!

and they lived happily ever after.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a few more ideas

of items that would be fun to buy in preparation for the valentine's photo booth:
(click on the picture if you want to visit the etsy shop where you can purchase)

[for the romantic]
hugs & kisses pendant made out of typewriter keys

[for the jaded]

love sucks shirt

[for the sweetheart]
red crocheted merino wool headband (i have this in bright pink and love it!)

[for the silly]

wax lips, of course!!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

saturday, february 6th

is the date.

bring your lovebug.
bring your crazy kiddos.
bring yourself.
bring your mr. man.
bring your best friend.
bring your nieces/nephews.
bring your mom.
bring your sister.
bring your grandchildren.
bring your mailman.
bring your dog.
(but don't bring your mailman and dog at the same time. not a good mix.)

the cool thing about this is you don't have to make an appointment. nope! just come on by simply chic in downtown ontario between 11am-4pm and we'll booth it up! depending on how many shots you want (and the cooperativeness of your kiddos/best friend/AHEM, husband) it will take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. did i mention you can bring PROPS?!?!? heehee. that's where it gets reeeeeally fun. use your imagination! i will have some available to use (more on that later), but i welcome your own take on the valentine's photo booth.


p.s. how cute is this sweet baby girl?!?!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

i'm so excited i just might burst and i imagine it would look like an explosion of heart confetti.

i've been giddy ever since this idea struck me, but i had to be patient and wait until it was the right time to share.

ladies and gentlemen, now presenting

the first ever

amber fischer photography

more details (and photos and giveaways!) to come soooooooon!!

and by soon, i mean tomorrow. heehee. ( ;


Friday, January 8, 2010

forget the cake!

how fun would this be for a wedding reception??? ice cream sundae bar! and instead of bride + groom cutting cake, you could feed each other ice cream cones with sprinkles. ( :

[go here for more.]

oh, and did i mention you should mark your calendar for february 6th? yeah, keep that open. i'll tell you why soooooooon . . . !


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

save the date

*update: for those of you pining after the adorable dear lillie shirt - go to their blog and you can enter to WIN a similar shirt! yippee!*

get out your calendar or day planner (or iphone for you techie people) and put a big HEART on saturday, february 6th...

why, you ask??

not gonna tell you! not yet, anyway. but trust me... you want to save the date. at least 15 minutes of that date.

in the meantime, you might want to purchase any one (or two or three) of the following items in preparation for february 6th... and because they're just plain cute! [click on the photo to go to the website]

for you:

for little miss:

for mini mister:

for mr. man:


Monday, January 4, 2010

a picture of me

taking a picture.

thanks, karli, for capturing this. i [heart] it.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

dustin + whitney [sneak peek]

beautiful day. beautiful bride. beautiful love.


Monday, December 28, 2009

the best of 2009